Is a Divorce Ahead in 2019? Talk to a Lawyer Immediately

Making the decision that divorce is imminent is a difficult and emotionally fraught process, but if you’ve come to that determination, it’s time to consult with an experienced Las Vegas divorce attorney. The only predictable thing about divorce is that it is unpredictable. A divorce that begins in (relative) peace and harmony can quickly turn into a contentious battle. There is really no way of knowing how your divorce will proceed, but obtaining skilled legal counsel will help you steer your divorce in a direction that serves your best interests. The stakes are far too high to leave your divorce settlement to chance.

Consulting with a Divorce Attorney

Your divorce process will be exactly as unique as you and your spouse are. There are, however, two divorce basics that apply to nearly every divorce procedure:

Custody Arrangements Top Your List of Priorities

If you and your spouse have children, the issue of child custody arrangements is naturally your primary concern. If you and your divorcing spouse are in agreement on this issue, you’ll be way ahead of the game. If you aren’t, however, your divorce attorney will be invaluable in helping you explore your options and attempting to come up with an arrangement that is mutually agreeable for both you and your soon-to-be ex – rather than allowing the court to make the determination.

Property Division Is Second Only to Child Custody Arrangements

Nevada, like California, is a community property state, which means that all marital property will be split equally between you and your ex upon divorcing. This is true regardless of who earned the money, who purchased the property, or whose name is on the property. The question becomes what constitutes marital property and what constitutes separate property in a Nevada Divorce.

Marital Property vs. Separate Property

When it comes to determining whether an asset is marital property or separate property, it can get complicated. Generally speaking, anything you acquire during the course of your marriage is considered marital property. There are, however, a few exceptions:

• If you or your spouse received a personal injury award during your marriage, it is considered separate property.
• If you or your spouse inherited money or property (in your own name only) or received a valuable gift (in your own name only) during your marriage, it is considered separate property.

Additionally, the property and assets you brought into the marriage – and kept separate – will remain your own. It’s also important to remember that your marital debt is another element of your marital property. It’s complicated, but your experienced Las Vegas attorney will provide you with the professional guidance you need.

If You Will Be Divorcing in 2019, Consult with an Experienced Las Vegas Divorce Attorney Today

If you are looking at a divorce, you’ve got a lot going on, but Mr. Ilan Acherman at Acherman Law in Las Vegas is here to help. Ilan has the dedication, experience, and compassion to help guide you on the path toward a divorce settlement that protects your rights and best interests. For more information, please contact us online or call 702-381-5615 today.