4 Things that Can Justify Modifying Your Child Custody Agreement

If you had children with your spouse at the time of your divorce, there’s a good chance that you entered into a child custody arrangement. Custody arrangements are often the most difficult component of an already difficult process. Whether that custody arrangement is no longer working for you and your children or the arrangement was flawed in the first place, there is a legal modification process that may allow you to change your custody agreement to something that better serves your children.

A court will not just grant a modification just because one party asks for it, however – you need to have a reason that the court will recognize as legally sufficient. Here are 4 common justifications for changing a Nevada child custody order.

You and Your Ex Agree that the Modification Is in Order

It’s always best if you and your ex can come to an agreement about child custody modification. If your circumstances have changed or the custody arrangement never quite worked for you in the first place, you can present your mutually agreed upon modification to the court. Even if you and your ex agree on every component of the agreement, however, it’s still important to file your motion with the court. Just because your ex is feeling agreeable today does not mean that he or she will feel the same way in the future. Seek the professional services of a skilled Las Vegas family law attorney to help ensure that your custody rights are well-protected.

Your Circumstances Have Changed Substantially

If your circumstances have changed so significantly that your custody arrangements simply no longer make sense or have become awkward and ungainly, a modification could be in order. Examples of substantially changed circumstances include:

• A change in employment
• An illness or injury
• Remarriage
• Evidence of substance abuse
• Pending criminal charges

A Procedural of Substantive Error Was Made in Processing Your Custody Arrangement

If you believe that the court made a procedural error in processing your child custody arrangement that negatively affects your rights, you can seek a modification. Further, if there was a substantive error (if the court misunderstood you or your ex’s employment situation, for example) it may be grounds to modify your custody arrangement.

If Your Ex Is Moving Away

If your ex is planning to move out of state – or a significant distance away – it could merit a custody modification. After all, maintaining a custody schedule that applies when both of you are living in the same town may well be impossible when you are living in different time zones.

Your Custody Arrangement

Your custody arrangement is critical to your children’s well-being, so it’s worth aggressively advocating for the modification you need. If you’re seeking a modification, the burden of convincing the court with a compelling reason is on you. An experienced Las Vegas family law attorney will help you build your best case to present to the court.

If You Need to Modify Your Custody Arrangements, Consult with an Experienced Las Vegas Family Law Attorney Today

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