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Family law is a complex business with many players and high emotional stakes. Acherman Law stands with you to protect your rights, providing legal representation that you can afford for the times when you need the support of a lawyer. We have been serving Clark County and all of Nevada as a family law firm since 2012.

Family law includes any case related to the family, from creating a prenuptial agreement before a new family is formed, to adding to a family through adoption, to dissolving a marriage by divorce.

Acherman Law is an experienced Las Vegas divorce attorney with both a professional knowledge of the law and a personal investment in your outcome. Visit our About page to learn more about Ilan Acherman and the firm or take a look at our Practice Areas to see how we can help you. If you need affordable legal representation from someone who cares about you and your case, use our Contact page to reach out and speak with a Nevada family lawyer today.

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Divorce Options in Las Vegas


In certain circumstances, Nevada courts will grant an annulment, which registers a marriage as null and void. Unlike in a divorce, where there is a legal record of a relationship, an annulment voids the marriage as if it never occurred. Annulments are only granted based off of specific criteria and it is generally considered that the earlier in the marriage that you apply for an annulment, the more likely you are to receive it. It is vital to contact a lawyer before proceeding with an annulment in order to determine if you are eligible.


Mediation is a smart first step in the process of obtaining a divorce. If you can avoid going to court, your path to separation will be much faster, simpler, and cheaper. A third-party mediator facilitates an agreement between the divorcing spouses and aims to skip the litigation in favor of helping the parties resolve the matter themselves. Sometimes, mediation is court-ordered, particularly if there are child custody issues involved, but many people also turn to mediation of their own volition. Divorce lawyers can help navigate the mediation process and create a binding settlement at the end.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a process of negotiation and mediation that the parties utilize to come to a settlement without resorting to the court system. It is quicker and less expensive than traditional litigated divorce, although will only be effective if both spouses are willing to work together. You will still want to hire a divorce attorney for a collaborative divorce, so that you can set your personal goals and have someone working with you during the discussion process. When you look for a divorce lawyer, make sure that the he or she is as capable at the negotiating table as in the courtroom, since collaborative divorces require different skills.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a fairly straightforward process, since by definition neither party is contesting the agreement. While it is still advisable to retain a divorce attorney to ensure everything is filed properly, in an uncontested divorce, matters move quickly and take much less paperwork. Before proceeding with an uncontested divorce, however, you should be confident that it is the correct choice for your situation. A lawyer familiar with Nevada divorce law can help you determine if an uncontested divorce will best meet your needs.

Characterization and Division of Complex Assets

In Nevada, almost all assets gained during a marriage are considered community property and will have to be divided during a divorce. Generally, assets are divided evenly, but this can quickly become a complex matter when dealing with retirement accounts, business ownership, deferred compensation, or physical property. Debts acquired during the marriage are also split between the divorcing parties. To ensure that your rights are respected and you are receiving your fair share, consult with an attorney who can represent your interests during the process.

Divorce Litigation

If your divorce case goes to trial, you want someone on your side whom you trust to look out for you and protect your rights. An experienced Las Vegas divorce lawyer will be able to defend you, and your property or parental rights if applicable, in court against your ex-spouse. Be sure to retain an attorney who is intimately familiar with Nevada divorce law; your lawyer should also be someone you feel comfortable discussing your personal history and assets with so that he or she can best represent you.

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Acherman Law was started in 2012 with the idea that legal representation should be personal, professional, and affordable. That is why at Acherman Law we can work with you to provide you with zealous representation at a rate you can afford.

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