Special Considerations for High-Asset Divorce

Divorce is always a difficult process, but when significant assets are involved, things can get more difficult still. In many divorces, the division of assets is the most complicated and emotionally fraught component issue that must be resolved – especially when children aren’t involved. With higher assets, come more complications and more mechanisms for obscuring (or even hiding) those assets. If you’re facing a divorce that involves high assets, you need an experienced Las Vegas divorce attorney on your side.

High Finances and Divorce

Divorce is complicated, and high finances make it more so. While many families’ finances are fairly straightforward, the finances of those who have amassed more wealth often take a far more circuitous route. Further, when wealthy couples divorce, one spouse often has a much better working knowledge of the assets involved (than does the other spouse), which can put the less-well-informed spouse at a distinct disadvantage. Forensic financial investigations are often necessary.

High-Asset Divorce: It’s Complicated

Often, high-assets are generated by a business or closely-held corporation that’s owned by the couple. There are, however, a variety of other factors that may come into play:

• A professional practice (such as a doctor’s practice or a legal firm)
• Stock and/or commodity-based holdings
• Commercial real estate
• Hedge and/or private equity funds
• Retirement benefits
• Executive compensation plans

The list can go on and on. Many assets can be extremely difficult to value precisely, and the courts in Nevada have a great deal of discretion when it comes to valuing and dividing these assets on your behalf. Your financial future is far too important to leave to chance or the discretion of the court. For this reason, it’s critical to retain qualified legal counsel to represent your rights.

A Word about Privacy

Once a case goes to court, everything that happens and all documents that are filed become part of the public record. To maintain their financial privacy, many divorcing couples with significant assets vigorously pursue and out of court settlement. The assistance of an experienced attorney can make reaching a settlement with your spouse much more likely than it would be if you tried to hammer out the details of your divorce yourself.

High-Asset Divorce and Child Support

While child support is usually calculated according to a rigid mathematical method, this isn’t true of divorces that involve high finances. In such cases, the courts look at the overall picture – in an effort to adequately provide for the children and in an attempt to maintain their standard of living. In such instances, the Court may deviate from the standard child support formula to make sure that the children have adequate resources in both parents’ homes.

If You’re Looking at a High-Asset Divorce, Consult with an Experienced Las Vegas Divorce Attorney

When it comes to divorce, nothing is easy. When you’re dealing with high finances, the stakes are that much higher and experienced legal counsel is a necessity. The dedicated legal team at Acherman Law in Las Vegas is committed to helping ensure that your assets are protected and that your case is resolved as favorably as possible. We’re here to help guide you on the path toward a divorce settlement that serves you and your unique situation. Please contact us online or call our office at 702-381-5615 for more information today.