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At Acherman Law we understand how difficult going through a divorce can be. It is vitally important that you ensure that your rights are protected throughout the divorce process. Nevada’s statutes provide for how property should be divided in the event of a divorce, and the statutes also provide the courts with guidelines as to what amount and extent of alimony, if any, should be allotted to one spouse or the other. Many individuals choose to go through this process alone, and they regret that decision when they see that their interests were not properly protected. You need a family law attorney who will fight for you to ensure a fair and honest division of your marital assets. At Acherman Law we provide you with legal representation and counsel so that you do not have to face these challenges alone. Learn more...



Under certain circumstances marriages can be dissolved through the process of annulment. Upon the completion of the annulment process, the marriage will be considered null and void, as though the parties had never been married. However, courts will only grant annulments under very specific and limited circumstances. Often times married couples believe that they may get an annulment, and they spend hundreds of dollars and many more hours trying to complete the process only to ultimately find out that the court will not grant them the relief they are requesting. Time may be of the essence when looking to annul a marriage, so contact Acherman Law today to find out if an annulment is right for you and we can get you started right away.


Child Custody

Perhaps more important to parents than division of assets in a divorce is the issue of custody and visitation rights. Whether you are a single parent who would like more custodial time with your child, or a grandparent who has been wrongfully cut out of your grandchild’s life, we are here to help. Nevada’s statutes provide the courts with guidelines as to visitation and custodial rights, but it is up to you to demonstrate to the courts that your particular situation merits the custodial or visitation arrangement you desire. Contact Acherman Law today to sit down with an Las Vegas custody attorney and begin to take charge of your rights. Learn more...


Child Support

In Nevada, child support obligations are set based on the custodial arrangement as well as the income levels of the parents. A mathematical formula is used to calculate a parent’s child support obligation. However, the courts also look at other statutory factors in deciding how to set child support in each particular case. Whether you are seeking to set, enforce, modify, or review the amount of child support, you need an attorney that will help you evaluate the full scope of legal issues inherent in your case. Call Acherman Law today for a free consultation. Learn more...


Choosing to adopt a child is one of the greatest gifts a person can give. Children of all ages in Nevada and around the world are in need of a good, loving home to call their own. However, the courts will want to ensure that any biological parent has had their parental rights terminated before they allow the child to be adopted. Nevada law also requires a proper welfare investigation before the adoption can proceed. The right adoption agency will be able to ensure that the adoption process begins smoothly by obtaining consents for adoption from the biological parents, but you need the right attorney to finalize the adoption in front of the courts and ensure that all of the proper paperwork has been filed. At Acherman Law we can help you find the right adoption agency, and once you are sure that adoption is right for you, we will take care of all of the paperwork the court requires to finalize the adoption process.

In Nevada, the process for adoption can be simplified if the adopting party is the stepparent of the child or a close relative. As a stepparent or close relative living with the child, you may not need to go through the lengthy welfare investigations necessitated by other kinds of adoptions. However, if the child’s other natural parent is still living, his or her parental rights may need to be terminated, and the courts do not take such terminations lightly. You need an attorney who knows the law and can present your case to the court so that they understand that the adoption will be in the best interest of the child.

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